Persona is the new venture of  Picnic Animation Studio.

We are a team of film makers, artists and engineers exploring new forms of animated storytelling in Virtual Reality.

Our current projects sit somewhere in the intersection of film and theatre. We are inspired by the possibilities of inviting people into active engagement with their environment and each other through apps or events. VR offers us endless doorways into stylised or design-driven worlds exploring fiction, social themes and mental health issues.

We have a shared obsession with technology and innovation, how they synthesise with the creative process and produce original forms of narrative art. VR presents fascinating challenges to the story structure of an experience or the implications of a simple cut while immersed in an entirely new world.

Everything is new here, and we intend to explore.

What the future holds... Events | Exhibitions | Multi-sensory live shows.  

We are actively looking for collaborators and funders.

We will be taking part in the recruitment drive at Fantoche festival 2017 where we are looking for the following:

3D animators  |  Unity Developers |  Concept Artists |  Story Artists |  2D/AFX Animators